About Us

JeeoKing&Queen is one of the major organizations that will host famous beauty pageants around the country. The JeeoKing&Queen Mr., Miss, and Mrs. India International Beauty Pageant are at the top of the list. This beauty contest is held in the spirit of Indian culture and by Indians who are proud of their heritage.
JeeoKing&Queen is linked with grandeur and perfection. They are more than just competitions; they are an endeavor to bring India's gorgeous women and attractive men to the forefront and exhibit their skills to the world in an exquisite manner. These pageants provide women and men with seductive beauty and smart minds with the opportunity to get well-deserved acclaim.
These pageants are a noteworthy attempt at bringing individuals from all cultures and communities together to celebrate femininity. It provides every qualified woman and man with the opportunity to become a celebrity. Eminent people from around the country gather to assess their potential and talents.
Contestants in the JeeoKing&Queen Mr., Miss, and Mrs. India International Beauty Pageant will receive specific training sessions to boost their confidence by brushing up on their abilities and covering up any imperfections. The organizers of JeeoKing&Queen Mr., Miss, & Mrs. India International make their own rules and assess the competitors based on four major criteria: personality, talent, confidence, and intelligence. If you believe in yourself, you have the oomph to hit the runway with your charisma and ability.